Laszlo and Timea, Aberdeen

Laszlo and Timea’s purchase was no less exciting than what we are used to.
The mortgage application was submitted to a bank that is terribly slow, but accepts clients that others do not.
The seller’s solicitor wanted to arrange completion, but as the mortgage had not yet been approved by the bank, we always asked for a postponement. It was already feared that after the long wait the sellers might change their mind and they might put the property back on the market, but luckily in this case they were patient.
After more than a month of waiting, the bank finally issued the mortgage offer, we thought OK, there should be no more problems from now on, we will just complete the protection applications and we are ready.
However, at the last minute, when the solicitor found out that Laszlo and Timea had a dog, he asked them to ask for written permission from the neighbors, in which they could agree that the dog could go. Nonsense, right?
Fortunately, the neighbors were good people, but it was not possible to talk to everyone and get their signatures. Fortunately, those who were not at home at the time also kept a dog/cat, so completion was out of the question from then on.
However, it is a bit of a strange rule that even when buying your own property, you need written permission from the neighbors, which can be understandable on one hand, but on the other hand, if a grumpy neighbor refuses to sign the paper, they could ruin your purchase?
Anyway, in this case there was no problem, all the neighbours signed the papers.
In the end, in less than 3 months, we managed to put an end to the case and with this we can inaugurate new homeowners. Congratulations!