Csaba and Anastasiia, London

What do you do when you find out the seller did not tell you the truth about the property you are purchasing?

But it is not like you find out the truth a few days after your offer has been accepted, but a few weeks before completion. This is exactly what happened with Csaba and Anastasiia, they did not tell the truth about the property’s EPC rating, which could be an issue if the property will be used as a buy to let in the future.

Indeed, there is an option to withdraw from the purchase, but if you spent ages to find the right home, paid for the mortgage, paid the agency fees, paid for the valuation and paid for the searches it is very difficult to make this decision and start the whole process all over again.
Especially when your mortgage offer is about to expire and when that happens the interest rate will be recalculated to the current level which is much higher than half a year ago.

So this case was not the easiest, but we managed to get the mortgage offer extended that allowed us enough time to complete the case.

Congratulations to Csaba and Anastasiia, we do appreciate your patience and effort you put into this purchase! We hope you will have an absolutely fantastic life in your new home and thank you for choosing us.