Imre and Hajnal, Crawley

Imre and Hajnal approached us in October 2018, they wanted to buy a house. They found us on Facebook and even though they already had a Mortgage Advisor who gave them an offer, they still thought they will give us a chance and see what we could offer.
We met at their rented house, where we discussed the whole buying process and we advised them on how to get prepared for the mortgage application. As we have access to the offers of several banks, we managed to find a mortgage so much cheaper than the original offer from their own bank that they decided to proceed with us.
The documents required for the mortgage were put together very quickly and the bank accepted it and issued the mortgage offer without any questions. (A mortgage offer is a document in which the bank confirms they will make the requested loan amount available to the customer.)
The solicitors also did their job relatively quickly, which we have also been able to help with, although not as much as we can today, as now we can provide a helping hand throughout the entire legal process.
Since the property purchased was a freehold house, we needed to arrange the necessary home insurance that the bank would accept. Home insurance application completed and everything was ready for completion when unfortunately the situation changed shortly before Christmas due to the “chain” (they did not buy vacant property), they could not move in. If it was a chain free house they could have moved in by the end of December, which would have been a really nice gift under the tree.
They finally got the keys to their beautiful new house in early February 2019.
Congratulations on your beautiful new home, we hope you enjoy it and thank you for choosing our services.