Attila and Erika, Birmingham

We met Attila and his partner Erika in connection with the purchase of a flat, in their rented apartment in Birmingham.
They had a specific idea of what they wanted to buy, but after reviewing the numbers, we saw that they could get much more mortgage than they expected.
They quickly found a flat that was in a good location, at a good price and in ready-to-move-in condition.
Although we met in person in 2018 to start the purchase process, we only managed to get the mortgage offer from the bank at the beginning of 2019.
There were various reasons for this, after 7 banks declined the mortgage application, we managed to convince one of the bigger banks to give us a mortgage offer. 
Fortunately, the seller was very patient, even when we couldn’t say anything for sure. 
The handover of the keys took place at the end of February 2019, and the solicitors completed the legal bit surprisingly quickly. 
Congratulations on your beautiful new home, we hope you will enjoy it a lot and thank you for choosing us.