Janos and Eszter, Mexborough

We spoke with Janos and Eszter at the beginning of July 2019 about buying a house.
At first hearing, the task seemed simple, then several banks rejected the mortgage application for different reasons.
After a long “war”, we finally managed to convince a big bank to lend the requested loan amount.
Of course, it sounds simple now, but when an offer has already been made on a house that they don’t want to lose and we are still only requesting different documents every other day, it can be quite frustrating.
But finally, a few weeks later, the bank issued the mortgage offer, so our solicitors took over the job.
There were no problems here, everything went well. Unfortunately, this is a very slow process that involves many people, which means that if one of them makes a mistake or goes on vacation for example, the entire process stops.
The handover of the keys took place at the beginning of October 2019, congratulations to Janos and Eszter for working so hard for their own house! Thank you for choosing us.