Kalman and Marianna, Exeter

Kalman and his lovely partner Marianna contacted us on the first day of June to say they wanted to buy a house. Their goal was to buy a new house with the help of the Shared Ownership scheme.
We received all the documents very quickly, which we then forwarded to the bank immediately, but the chosen house and another one, we missed to reserve as other buyers submitted their documents slightly quicker.
In the end, they managed to reserve the right house, we submitted everything as quickly as ever before and finally they won the right to buy that house.
However, complications started to arise, as the chosen property was a newly built house and the address of the property changed three times, the bank failed to update their system, so it took us weeks to correct the error with them and clarify the exact address.
At last, we managed to convince the bank and they issued the mortgage offer for the house.
Unfortunately, another difficulty was that the administration is slower during the summer months due to vacations.
But finally, on the 30 August 2019, completion took place, which means that the hard work was worth it.
Congratulations to you, we hope you will enjoy it a lot and thank you for choosing us.