Norbert, Manchester

It is always a great pleasure to finally be able to share the story of the purchase of. We always try to emphasize to our new clients that finishing the home buying process is completely unpredictable, it can change even on the day of the completion.
As on the date of the completion so many different persons in different cities, from different companies have to work together to finalize the sale, delays always have to be taken into account.
In this case, the owner of the purchased property forgot to tell us an important fact, that the land on which the house stands is contaminated as it was a landfill before. Although the property can be sold, it raises questions about home insurance, or even future saleability.
Norbert decided not to buy this house and he had to start house hunting again. This seems like a logical decision, but in that situation, where he waited many months to finally move in, it is very frustrating to start the whole procedure all over again.
Eventually he managed to find another house, we submitted another mortgage application, the solicitors started the legal side and from then the purchase was on track again.
Unfortunately, the purchase could not be completed before Christmas, so completion had to be delayed yet again.
During the initial consultation we always get the question “how long does it take from the beginning until receiving the keys”? We normally say at least 3 months, sometimes it is less.
In this case Norbert had to wait more than 7 months and we do appreciate his patience all the way through the issues we faced together.
Congratulations on your beautiful new house Norbert, it was worth the wait.