Gabor and Ildiko, Weston-Super-Mare

Gabor and Ildiko purchase were one of the smoothest transactions, in fact there were no major difficulties, which is rare, especially in the current pandemic situation.
The impact of the coronavirus is still strongly felt, it is more and more complicated to arrange a mortgage due to the constant uncertainty.
That is why it is such a great experience to be able to report on another completed house purchase.
Well, it is worth mentioning that just a few days before completion the solicitors realized a few documents had not been presented by the owner of the property. When he was asked to present these documents, he simply said NO and it looked like completion will be delayed. But in the end we managed to convince him to present these documents as it looked like he was actually hiding something from us.
We are really happy that another family can enjoy the comfort of their own home and finally, they don’t have to pay rent to someone else, ever again.
Congratulations to you, as always this was a joint effort, we always work together with our clients to achieve their goals.