Gabor and Erika, Gravesend

We first spoke with Gabor and Erika in July 2019, they wanted to buy a flat. Since we received the requested documents very quickly, we managed to arrange one part of the mortgage application in a short time, but then we ran into an obstacle.
The property they chose was only 9 years old, but still the bank did not want to accept it for mortgage purposes because materials used in the construction should not have been used. (Cladding issues might be familiar for some).
Replacing them would have cost the owners a lot of money, the sellers promised that it would be done before completion and forced us to change banks, they believed another bank would accept it.
After a long consultation with the estate agent, they realized that Gabor and Erika will not buy their property which is worth nothing in the eyes of the banks. A new property had to be chosen, after this the mortgage offer was quickly issued by the bank as this property had no issues at all.
Unfortunately, this property change took a very long time, we slipped into Christmas, Brexit and finally a pandemic
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. This is especially true for this purchase, but before the big lockdowns in March 2020 we managed to complete the case.
It is important to note here, buying a property is not a stress-free process, Gabor and Erika didn’t give up even when it seemed like they had no chance, but they persevered and their goal was finally achieved.
Congratulations on your beautiful new apartment, we hope you enjoy it!