Norbert and Nelli, Birmingham

We met Norbert and his lovely partner Nelli for the first time on 4th January 4 2019, in their rented apartment. They had a very specific idea of ​​what they wanted to buy, so we quickly started the purchase process. Since we got all the necessary documents very quickly, we got the mortgage offer within a short time, which is the promise from the bank that the requested loan amount will be granted.
Unfortunately, after the bank completed the valuation on the selected house, it turned out that the property was of so-called “unconventional construction”, which in short means that it was not built with the acceptable materials.
Of course, this will not be visible from the outside, but an expert can tell. This would not have really been a big problem, just because one bank declined the application, we can go to another one, it happened before. However, as the owner of the property forgot to mention this important fact, Norbert and Nelli decided to look for another house, so this structural problem will not cause any issues in the future for them.
Almost immediately, they managed to find a new house that did not fail the valuation and the bank granted the mortgage. The solicitors also worked at the speed of light, we directly chose an office that we have worked with before and they did flawless work.
Finally, on 30th March 2019, they received the text from the estate agent that the keys can be collected from their office.
Congratulations on your beautiful new home, it was a good decision to buy this house, we hope you will enjoy it and thank you for choosing us.