Laszlo and Julia Northampton

We had a lot of phone calls and emails with Laszlo and Julia about buying a house, but it was very difficult for them to find the right one.
It is interesting information that our first conversation was at the beginning of March 2019, and in comparison, the keys were only received in November 2020.
Of course, this is much longer than the duration of an average purchase, but something can always come up that delays the date of completion.
(Just yesterday, the second lockdown started here in the UK and who knows how many more there will be. If you want to start buying a property now, expect the turnaround time to be about 3 months or more.)
Returning to Julia and Laszlo, they patiently waited through this long period and helped us in everything we asked for to get their own house.
They are in the fortunate position of being able to spend the second lockdown in their own house, where they can enjoy the benefits of the large garden, especially with a newborn baby.
Congratulations on your beautiful house, it was worth waiting so long for the keys.