Gyorgy and Andrea, Bridgwater

Gyuri and Andi wanted to buy a new property using the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme. This scheme is only available on newly built flats and houses for first time buyers only.
Some useful information for those who wish to purchase a newly built property. Sometimes the biggest problem is the estate agent itself, who is the liaison between the Customer and the Builder/Developer. On many occasions we had a feeling that they didn’t even want to sell the property and they committed everything to make it impossible to close the purchase. Very often we have to chase them for weeks for information because either our email mysteriously goes to the SPAM folder or the sales advisor is on holiday.
One of the interesting things they did here was that when the lender went out to do the valuation, they arranged it for a Wednesday, but the estate agent was closed on that day. The surveyor went out, but no one was on site so the valuation could not have been completed. Just because of this mistake, completion was delayed by weeks.
When we were at the end of the buying process, we found out that the amount of money requested from Help to Buy was not transferred to the solicitors on time and completion had to be delayed again. This is obviously very frustrating for someone who has been waiting for months to move.
We are not sharing these stories to discourage anyone about purchasing a property because it is a fantastic feeling returning to your own home after a long day. The point of this is to get a little insight into a purchase process that is still unknown to many.
Our aim is to help you to get through this as quickly as possible and help you if something goes wrong.
Congratulations to Gyuri and Andi on their commitment and hard work, we hope you will enjoy your new house.