Istvan and Marta, Bournemouth

We had to go through thousands of messages before we finally found the date when we started to deal with this purchase.
We started the mortgage application for the selected house on July 29, 2020, but due to the amazing shopping frenzy caused by the first wave of covid in the summer, the bank was really slow assessing the mortgage.In the end, they did not agree to lend the requested loan amount, the owner of the house did not want to lower the price, so this purchase had to be cancelled.
Of course, now it is much easier to describe this than to experience the stress that comes with this waiting and bargaining and in the end we still did not achieve what we wanted.
But after that, Istvan and Marta managed to find another house relatively quickly, and the mortgage was assessed and granted by the bank much faster. At this point we started to believe that this house purchase would be easier, until the so-called “management pack” came into the picture.
Anyone who has already bought a leasehold property knows how much delay the lack of these documents can cause, which usually leads to delays of several weeks. This happened here as well, the sellers could not present the necessary documents in time, so a long wait began.Finally, we managed to obtain all the documents from the sellers, and from there the process sped up, until the week of completion, when there were further delays again as the seller did not move out on time.
More than 8 months passed until completion finally happened, because Istvan and Marta stuck to their plan and successfully achieved their goals.
They were finally able to join the happy homeowners, we hope in a few years’ time, this “short” wait will remain just a big adventure for them.
Congratulations on your beautiful new home, we hope you enjoy it and thank you for choosing us.