Zoltan and Renata, St Helens

Zoltán and Renata’s purchase was not one of the easier ones.
Our first phone call was on 30th March 2021, and in comparison, the handover of the keys took place on 15th October 2021.
We can’t even tell you how frustrating it is to wait so long for the keys to your dream house, anyone can imagine that.
What is really annoying is that we often don’t know what to expect for many weeks, the seller’s solicitor sits on the papers, the agency doesn’t know anything, our solicitor are not told anything, the seller doesn’t answer the questions, and then when we get an update it is usually something negative.
As it turned out, the seller used more land than he should have, so our solicitor could not close the purchase until the seller presented the appropriate guarantees and paid the associated costs.
In this case, the seller simply said no, he will not do anything or even pay for anything. After such a long wait, the extra few hundred pounds was not a huge problem, they had to pay. (But yes, it is very annoying!)
What made the situation even more complicated was that the seller built a conservatory on top of some underground pipes running under the garden, which would have been no problem if he had asked for a permission from the council, but unfortunately, he forgot to include this information in the property advert.
The bottom line is, after many months of waiting, the phone rang, it was the estate agent, they said the keys are ready to be picked up.
Congratulations on your beautiful new home and thank you for choosing us.