Antal and Gyongyi, Cambridge

Antal and Gyongyi purchase is a good example of what it means when an ad says a property is “chain free” or “chain”. Chain-free is simple, it means no one lives in the property, or the current residents/tenants can move out at any time.
A property chain is where a group of home buyers and sellers are connected.
If you want to buy a house but first have to wait until the seller buys their next home, you’re in a property chain. If you’re in a property chain, this can mean that moving house could take longer or is more complicated. The longer a chain, the longer you have to wait to move in.
Things can be even more complicated if a member of the chain buys a new flat or house, which usually has a questionable handover date.
To summarize, there is no problem with a property chain, but you have to be prepared for a very long waiting time, because it is impossible to predict when the purchase will complete.
Gyongyi and Antal waited so patiently for many months and they were finally able to collect the keys to their beautiful new home, congratulations!