Miklos and Barbara, St Helens

We first talked with Miklos and Barbara about buying a house at the end of May 2019, after that we started the buying process right away.
We quickly found a smaller bank who offered a mortgage on very good terms and they very quickly issued the mortgage offer, which is a guarantee from the bank that the loan will be granted.
The complications started when the solicitor we recommended, who had done a great job, left the firm in the middle of the summer, which meant that his pending cases were allocated to another solicitor. This is quite an unfortunate situation, which cannot be foreseen, and it takes the new solicitor a lot of time to see through all the cases.
Many weeks passed before any progress was made even though we kept calling them and asking them to report on the progress of the case. While we were waiting for the solicitors to finish it seemed that the seller ran out of patience and almost put the house back on the market, but luckily we were able to ask for time.
Finally, by the beginning of October, everything came together, many weeks beyond the original deadline, when we had almost given up hope that this would turn into a move, completion took place.
Another thing worth noting is the patience and positivity with which Miklos and Barbara did all of this, even though we didn’t know anything for sure for a long time, which can be quite frustrating.
Congratulations on your beautiful new home, it was a good decision to buy this house, we hope you will enjoy it and thank you for choosing us.