Gabor, Bournemouth

We had to check this one, this case needed 193 days to complete!

The reason is that Gabor wanted to purchase a flat in Bournemouth. After the initial discussions we worked out he is able to buy something more expensive than he originally planned. Nevertheless, he made an offer on a flat, the sellers quickly accepted it, but we experienced the first issues with that particular property very soon. 

It turned out there was a problem with the lease itself, the landlord sold the rights for the leasehold, but when Gabor made an offer, the property had no landlord, no management company. They were in a transition between landlords, but this would cause the future owner a lot of problems and maybe cost.

So it was a very hard decision to withdraw from this sale, as the building and the flat itself was completely fine, but later we found out that major maintenance jobs will have to be done and that would be Gabor’s expense.

Gabor came back to us, we examined again his financial situation which improved greatly since we last checked, so we worked out he is able to buy a freehold house, he does not have to buy a flat (as it is usually cheaper.)

Gabor very quickly found a house -a beautiful one if we are honest- made an offer, got accepted, we dealt with the mortgage, but we had to wait almost a month for the mortgage offer (due to Christmas holidays).

And today, the 1st of March 2024 they finally become homeowners! 

This is a beautiful example of hard work and also the fact that failing in something does not mean the end of the world. He probably felt that way when he had to start searching for a new property again when he withdrew from the first sale, but he ended up buying a much better place to live.

Congratulations to you Gabor, you were incredibly kind and patient during this 193 days, we hope you will enjoy being a homeowner and thank you for choosing us