Rebeka, London

Rebeka’s purchase was such an interesting journey, definitely worth sharing with a smile! 😊

She reached out to us in October 2023, bubbling with excitement over a flat she’d fallen in love with in London and decided to make her own. We eagerly submitted the mortgage application, but a hiccup arose during the valuation when they noticed an issue with the cladding, a common concern in many London blocks.

Initially, we were puzzled, thinking the valuer had made a mistake since the sellers had assured us there was no cladding. But even a quick peek on Google Street View confirmed otherwise — wooden cladding was clearly visible.

So, we tried another lender, hoping for a different outcome. Yet, alas, the result was the same: no loan without an EWS1 document from the sellers.

Despite lengthy discussions, the sellers stood firm, insisting it wasn’t legally required. After much deliberation, Rebeka made the tough decision to walk away from the purchase.

It’s easy to read “she pulled out” and move on, but when you’re emotionally invested in a place you’ve dreamed of calling home, it’s a tough call to make.

We half-expected Rebeka to throw in the towel on property hunting altogether — that’s often how it goes. But she surprised us! Instead of giving up, she dusted herself off, hit the pavement again, and found her dream home. She made an offer, it was accepted, and by February 2024, she had a mortgage offer in hand. And voilà, come May 2024, she had the keys to her new abode!

Rebeka’s determination and resilience are truly admirable. She recognized when the first property wasn’t the right fit, adjusted her plans, and ultimately succeeded. That’s what we call a success story! And let’s not forget to acknowledge how Rebeka handled the entire process with such grace and professionalism.

Congratulations, Rebeka! It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Here’s to many happy years in your new home! 🏡🎉