Janos, Nottinghamshire

When Janos and Anita first talked to us, we had to dig through our records to remember when it was. We knew it was a while ago, but wow, not this long! The first contact was back in July 2021, and they finally got their keys in June 2024.

This goes to show that buying a property can sometimes feel like an epic saga. Of course, it wasn’t the actual buying process that took so long. They were preparing to make sure their finances were in tip-top shape for a mortgage application.

Once we got their finances sorted, finding the property and getting the mortgage went faster than a cheetah on roller skates. Seriously, it was so fast that even the solicitors were done in a few weeks. Normally, this would be great news, but Janos and Anita had to give notice on their rental, pack up, and move out. So, the news about getting their keys came a bit too soon. Luckily, the sellers agreed to a delay.

The takeaway? If we tell a client they can’t buy a property right now, it doesn’t mean never. Follow our advice, and we’ll help you become a homeowner. Janos and Anita put in years of hard work and perseverance, and now they finally have their keys.

Congrats, Janos and Anita! Hats off to your determination, and thanks for choosing us!